Sunday, August 31, 2014


I've been working on some illustrations for an article on color
and choosing your clothes for the day,
written by Susan Tillett, director of Mesa Refuge.
The article will be published in the third edition of Simply . . .Color
(Ahem. Notice my name on Amazon as the illustrator?)
by my friend Diantha Harris.

Beatrice is the name of my subject. And she has chosen
the Chakra colors to help support her in her daily activities.

Beatrice is collaged together from painted paper and placed
onto a drawing depicting her surroundings.
Check out the transformation of Beatrice from my post, Busy Week.

Think of her as sort of a pigeon kind of gal. 

This has the first and the seventh Chakras.

Here are the second and fourth Chakras. 

Third and fifth Chakras.
I must get a real camera.

And finally the 6th Chakra.

An interesting assignment. When asked if I knew anything
about Chakras, I said "no, but I'm willing to learn."
                                             - Harold Ramis, Stripes

So . . . 

I can't wait to read the article!!

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saskia said...

Ginny, they turned out supercool! I was hoping I would get to enjoy the finished artwork..thanks for sharing!