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Sunday, January 24, 2016

New From The Studio

Face Mugs

Highwater Clay Speckled Brownstone
Velvet Underglazes
Glazed Inside 

Highwater Clay Speckled Brownstone
Velvet Underglazes
Glazed Inside 

Monday, November 9, 2015

New Works

Several shows are on the immediate calendar. 
One is coming up this week on Thursday, the Reflections Exhibit at Main Street Fort Pierce. This is always a fun and well attended show.  I look forward to it every year. 

The great thing about exhibits on the calendar is that they give you a date for which to produce. We can get caught up in the details of daily life and then not much gets finished creatively.  Another benefit is that once you start creating for that calendar date, the juices flow in all aspects of your experience. This is rewarding. It's a natural high that I strive for; such a good feeling. For me, that's my goal for my every-day feeling.

Here is some evidence of that flow:

Ignatious, or Iggy for short.

Earthenware Bowl
Glazes and underglazes.

Holiday Ornaments. 

And a teaser of what's to come.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Clay To Wear

I'm not much of a jewelry person myself
but I seem to be attracted to making jewelry. 

Clay lends itself to this expression readily. 

I like the juxtaposition of shiny versus matt surfaces. I'm also enjoying the addition of black underglazes to give depth and a sense of history to the pieces. 

The necklaces have a straightforward and practical approach
with the use of sliding knots to make adjustments.

And with an eye on reuse, I've discovered discarded guitar strings. They've found a myriad of uses within my art, the latest being the connection between the necklace and the pendant.

This adds the "industrial" touch that pleases my aesthetic.

Just the beginning.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Clay Works

For the new year, I've decided to amp up on the clay work. 
This decision was reinforced with an offer to be January's featured artist 
at Flametree Clay Art Gallery in Vero Beach. 

A few highlights are featured here.

I started with what I like to call clay sketches. These are
small plaques that I draw on and sculpt into images.

For the imagery, I referred to my collages. It's a great way to jumpstart.

"Gaynell Goes To The Beach"

This clay sketch is called "Bad Hair Day".

"Hey! Over Here!"

And this "But Why?"

I dusted off a few cobwebs from the wheel and threw this little pot
along with some other pieces and parts.

And of course, some Organiques. My little bohemians. 
The natural irregular accidents of these pieces delight me.

I threw in an Art Game. 
(You can check out more Art Games here at Ginny Piech Street.
Scroll down to see the games.)
Loving the combination of media. 
Thanks to my friend Janie, I had this lovely cigar box to transform
into the container. This game is called Archipelago. It consists of little islands,
houses and palm trees with discarded guitar strings for trunks
and tiles representing water. The pieces can be arranged in a myriad
of ways to create the archipelago of your dreams!

This little floral, called "Passion Trumpet" combines hand built with thrown pieces
and stacks on a central wooden dowel. Great fun to make. 

The bloom was pre-existing from a series of garden flowers I created.
It was too small to stand alone. So here's the initial idea toss.

I'm always intrigued by the transition between idea and finished object.

My favorite piece and biggest accomplishment of the work
for the exhibit was "Big Red Egg", a totem that stacked
on a central rod. 

Hand built with a few wheel thrown segments.

The greatest learning was with this piece, constructing
the various objects and experimenting with underglazes. 
I love the matte surface and soft colors that the underglazes have. 

(I'd like to thank all my clay artist friends for their patience 
in answering my numerous & repeated questions regarding
glazes, particularly underglazes. They helped me take the leap
from cold glaze - acrylic paint - to the real deal.) 

Of course, I'll still cold glaze.
Love the mix.

Flametree Clay Artists!
For pushing me to grow in such a joyful way!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Art Is Not For Sissies

Shirts are in! 

Printing tonight!

Available at Fish Head Press tomorrow night during Art Walk
and thereafter! A great gift for your artist friends.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Bevy Of Birds

It's that time of year again! 

Collecting my Ginny Merchandise for one last showing
before the Big Holiday.

First in the lineup we have a whole crowd of Trixies.

These little gals are excited and jockeying for position
to get the finishing touches. 

Here are a few who have already been dressed up.

Joy and Love abound!

And of course there's always one who flies in his own direction.

Made in my traditional fashion of painted paper
with a wire pennant spouting emotions to live by.

Come see my sweet little Trixies in person at Fish Head Press
(in the Studios Back Under, Where Every Art Walk Is A Festival!)
during Art Walk at The Orange Avenue Studios with Art Mundo
a week from today, December 10.

I'll look for you to flitter on in!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Turtle Tiles Continued

OK. Remember this guy?

The plaster has dried enough to use the mold.
So, the first thing I do is press clay into the mold.

After I'm sure that I have the clay pressed into
all the crevices of the mold, I slice off the excess. 

I groove the back of the tile to assist in adhering it to the wall.

And when the clay starts to pull away from the plaster mold,
I flip the mold and let the tile drop into my hand.

Next step, drying and firing.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I've been working on some illustrations for an article on color
and choosing your clothes for the day,
written by Susan Tillett, director of Mesa Refuge.
The article will be published in the third edition of Simply . . .Color
(Ahem. Notice my name on Amazon as the illustrator?)
by my friend Diantha Harris.

Beatrice is the name of my subject. And she has chosen
the Chakra colors to help support her in her daily activities.

Beatrice is collaged together from painted paper and placed
onto a drawing depicting her surroundings.
Check out the transformation of Beatrice from my post, Busy Week.

Think of her as sort of a pigeon kind of gal. 

This has the first and the seventh Chakras.

Here are the second and fourth Chakras. 

Third and fifth Chakras.
I must get a real camera.

And finally the 6th Chakra.

An interesting assignment. When asked if I knew anything
about Chakras, I said "no, but I'm willing to learn."
                                             - Harold Ramis, Stripes

So . . . 

I can't wait to read the article!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Making A Relief Mold

First ya got your prototype. That's this little guy below. 
And a mold is in order as I'll need 248
of these little babies, 30 of them with Bs.

So I've learned, the interesting way, to be ready
BEFORE  I mix the plaster.  

My next step is to put the mold walls together.
This is a simple and handy system easily
adapted to a number of sized molds.
So simple its almost beautiful.

Four  boards with a chunk of wood
screwed to one end of each board.
It's much easier to use C clamps
But I used the clamps I had.
Definitely overkill.

You can see where I've caulked the corner seams with plasticine clay.
Once placed over the prototype I'll caulk the bottom seam also.

Around the prototype,

tacked into place with a few glumps of clay

& caulked.

Bag-O-Plaster, bucket of water.
Sprinkle . . .

Until continents start to form.
Give it a few more sprinkles just because.

All mixed and smooth. 
But not before I got my hand into that
clingy, slimy, wet, smooth, silky, creamy cool plaster
to eliminate those inevitable lumps.

One hand only!
Must keep one hand clean and free.
A personal rule. It comes in handy. 

The mold with the plaster. No leaks. 
Jiggle the set-up or use a sander without paper
to work the air bubbles out and to the top.

Now time to wait. 
First hot, then cold, then hard for sure.
Then open!

Clamps off. The walls literally fall away.

Mold and prototype.
The prototype is in excellent condition. 
Often the prototype is destroyed. Very happy.
This will come in handy down the line!! 

So pretty!

After giving the plaster a bit of time to dry, I'll post the making of the tiles.