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Monday, August 18, 2014

Making A Relief Mold

First ya got your prototype. That's this little guy below. 
And a mold is in order as I'll need 248
of these little babies, 30 of them with Bs.

So I've learned, the interesting way, to be ready
BEFORE  I mix the plaster.  

My next step is to put the mold walls together.
This is a simple and handy system easily
adapted to a number of sized molds.
So simple its almost beautiful.

Four  boards with a chunk of wood
screwed to one end of each board.
It's much easier to use C clamps
But I used the clamps I had.
Definitely overkill.

You can see where I've caulked the corner seams with plasticine clay.
Once placed over the prototype I'll caulk the bottom seam also.

Around the prototype,

tacked into place with a few glumps of clay

& caulked.

Bag-O-Plaster, bucket of water.
Sprinkle . . .

Until continents start to form.
Give it a few more sprinkles just because.

All mixed and smooth. 
But not before I got my hand into that
clingy, slimy, wet, smooth, silky, creamy cool plaster
to eliminate those inevitable lumps.

One hand only!
Must keep one hand clean and free.
A personal rule. It comes in handy. 

The mold with the plaster. No leaks. 
Jiggle the set-up or use a sander without paper
to work the air bubbles out and to the top.

Now time to wait. 
First hot, then cold, then hard for sure.
Then open!

Clamps off. The walls literally fall away.

Mold and prototype.
The prototype is in excellent condition. 
Often the prototype is destroyed. Very happy.
This will come in handy down the line!! 

So pretty!

After giving the plaster a bit of time to dry, I'll post the making of the tiles.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Art Walk Studio Shots and New Brush Heads!!

In Fish Head Press now. garden art totem and flowers.
New Ginny Pinny Pins

And, not there yet but by Monday . . .
New Brush Heads!

Carlotta and the crazy dudes!


Future Brush Heads!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Busy Week!

While every week is a busy week for us all, last week
was particularly busy with events and studio time.

A few of the things that happened.

In the studio I've been working
on illustrations for an article on color and clothing.

And contemplating colors for new flowers.

The week cranked up out of the studio around Thursday
with an all-day session for Art Mundo's summer art camp for children.
(Previously posted.)

Check out the wonderful art that the students made this summer
at this week's Art Walk in The Orange Avenue Studios.

Worked on flowers for Main Street's Reverse Raffle
and Ginny Minnie Pinnies for Fish Head Press.

One flower is very short, too short for a stem, 
so I investigated a few ideas for its incorporation into another piece,
scribbled on the table.

On Saturday . . .
Julie Lounibos, Anita Prentice and I painted bamboo
at The Sailfish Brewing Company.
It was a day of artists. Many were painting large landscape rocks,
there was live music, and great food and drink
provided by Sailfish and Tillman's BarBQ. 
(Thank you both for making the day so pleasant!)

The finished installation at Sailfish Brewing Company. 
A good and hot time was had by all!

And on Sunday?
 Aaaaaaaah, so nice! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Gelatin Printing At Art Camp

This week was the last week of Art Mundo's summer art camp for children.
I had the pleasure to be the instructor on Thursday.

We made Brush Heads and printed with gelatin plates.
I had three delightful young artists. The youngest one (8 years old)
is featured here printing with her gelatin plate.

I was pleased and amazed at her level
of comprehension and creativity with the printing process.
She not only used a blend on her plate. She used three consecutively
and followed up with the removal of ink from the plate,
using her hand for the process. 




The finished print! Nice!

Notice her Discover The Artist Within apron?

I think she's already there!

What a great experience to have shared the day with these three talented young artists.
Thank you Art Mundo, for the opportunity. I learned a lot!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Martha Pulls A Print

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of teaching
a 2 day course in basic screen printing.

The best thing about this class was my student, Martha.
Artist, teacher, former screen printing company owner.

Martha, why am I teaching YOU? I asked.
Turns out she wanted to see its viability in the classroom.
But I think she was mostly just having a lot of fun.
And so was I.

We covered the cut stencil, painting directly on the screen
and photo emulsion methods of screen prep.
(Martha works quickly.)

Martha also brought in an old beautiful screen
which already had an image from the former company.

We printed on paper and fabric. 
Nary a wrong pull. 

Unfortunately I took no pictures until the end.
So, all these cool things I just talked about are not documented.
I did, however, catch the end, which I share below.

Martha positioning paper under the screen.

Getting ready to pull the print.


Pulling the print.

Checking it out.

And there you go!

Thanks Martha! A most excellent time!