Sunday, January 4, 2015

Clay Works

For the new year, I've decided to amp up on the clay work. 
This decision was reinforced with an offer to be January's featured artist 
at Flametree Clay Art Gallery in Vero Beach. 

A few highlights are featured here.

I started with what I like to call clay sketches. These are
small plaques that I draw on and sculpt into images.

For the imagery, I referred to my collages. It's a great way to jumpstart.

"Gaynell Goes To The Beach"

This clay sketch is called "Bad Hair Day".

"Hey! Over Here!"

And this "But Why?"

I dusted off a few cobwebs from the wheel and threw this little pot
along with some other pieces and parts.

And of course, some Organiques. My little bohemians. 
The natural irregular accidents of these pieces delight me.

I threw in an Art Game. 
(You can check out more Art Games here at Ginny Piech Street.
Scroll down to see the games.)
Loving the combination of media. 
Thanks to my friend Janie, I had this lovely cigar box to transform
into the container. This game is called Archipelago. It consists of little islands,
houses and palm trees with discarded guitar strings for trunks
and tiles representing water. The pieces can be arranged in a myriad
of ways to create the archipelago of your dreams!

This little floral, called "Passion Trumpet" combines hand built with thrown pieces
and stacks on a central wooden dowel. Great fun to make. 

The bloom was pre-existing from a series of garden flowers I created.
It was too small to stand alone. So here's the initial idea toss.

I'm always intrigued by the transition between idea and finished object.

My favorite piece and biggest accomplishment of the work
for the exhibit was "Big Red Egg", a totem that stacked
on a central rod. 

Hand built with a few wheel thrown segments.

The greatest learning was with this piece, constructing
the various objects and experimenting with underglazes. 
I love the matte surface and soft colors that the underglazes have. 

(I'd like to thank all my clay artist friends for their patience 
in answering my numerous & repeated questions regarding
glazes, particularly underglazes. They helped me take the leap
from cold glaze - acrylic paint - to the real deal.) 

Of course, I'll still cold glaze.
Love the mix.

Flametree Clay Artists!
For pushing me to grow in such a joyful way!

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