Thursday, January 30, 2014

Clay Bowls

I fired a few days ago, trying my hand at Majolica.  Less than stellar! 
I was disappointed in the white. I wanted a thicker white. 
A whiter white.
I'm loving this, though, because I can't get too cocky.
If I do, the next firing
will surely have a bomb or two in it,
reminding me I have only just begun the journey.

The bowl below, though, makes up for it all! 

Loved everything about it, including the back.
I coated, then wiped off the black glaze, added a pattern with resist,
and then glazed with turquoise.  
Ahhhhhh.  Happy.

Little Houses

Mixed media using clay, paper, wire, acrylic and repurposed wood.

At The Beach

Driftwood Dream

Fish Pond

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gelatin Printing at Art Walk

Tonight at Art Walk at Art Mundo, I demonstrated gelatin plate printing.
In this process, a printing plate made of gelatin is used to print monoprints. 
The process lends itself to experimentation, playfulness and quick results.
I'll post some of my results next.

A website that has an abundance of information on the process

Below are 2 photos of me in my print studio,
Fish Head Press, perhaps one of the tiniest print studios in existence.

Lovin' it.

Inking the gelatin plate with a brayer.  I've set up
outside the door to facilitate the crowd.

This shot is for my friend Trase.