Thursday, January 30, 2014

Clay Bowls

I fired a few days ago, trying my hand at Majolica.  Less than stellar! 
I was disappointed in the white. I wanted a thicker white. 
A whiter white.
I'm loving this, though, because I can't get too cocky.
If I do, the next firing
will surely have a bomb or two in it,
reminding me I have only just begun the journey.

The bowl below, though, makes up for it all! 

Loved everything about it, including the back.
I coated, then wiped off the black glaze, added a pattern with resist,
and then glazed with turquoise.  
Ahhhhhh.  Happy.


Paul said...

Will these be at the next artwalk? I'm looking for more for my kitchen!

Ginny Piech Street said...

They are in Flametree Clay Art Gallery in downtown Vero Beach. I show most of my clay work there. The little bowls are "not fit for prime time"! Chuckle. But I am in the process of making more which will be. Within the next 2 weeks. I'll post my display in the next post so you can see my current selection.

Ginny Piech Street said...

Paul, if you'd like to see some specifically, I can bring to Art Walk (Fort Pierce) on February 12. Email me directly through my webpage: Thanks for your interest.