Monday, June 14, 2010

Join Me

for an "Altaring" experience as we spend 3 hours devising and constructing personal altars to help facilitate the fruition of our dreams and goals.
That was a mouthful!

My altar, closed, to help me manifest the building of my own home in Eleuthera.
Notice the building on the right? That's my brand new Studio.

Here is my altar opened with my house and my studio.
See how it is up on the hill with a walkway down to the shoreline?

And see that tiny little sailboat?
That's me sailing over to my new home, and that's the view from my Studio!!

Seriously, though, we'll have some fun.
We'll investigate our personal desires.
We'll make altars to support these desires.

Check out Art Mundo's Website to get the full scoop and to sign up for the class.

I'll see you Saturday!!!

Fresh Bread and Tire Repair

My new blog, Fresh Bread & Tire Repair will launch soon.
I will keep you posted . . .