Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Crash Course In Printmaking

Recently I offered a printmaking class in my Vero Beach studio.
I was pleased when a mother/daughter pair signed up.
Always like it when creativity is a family affair.
And even better this one, as the daughter was in her teens.  

Nice! Young artists dabbling in printmaking.

So we started out with gelatin prints to get the flow going.
The results were amazing. Great first time prints!

I particularly love this photo because it shows the original print above 
and the resulting ghost image printed below. 

We then moved on to block printing.

Here the design is being transferred to be block via tracing paper.
The design thumbnails can be seen in the upper right corner. 
the final pencil drawn design is above the block to the left.

Cutting the design. A proof can be seen on the table above the block.
This proof was pulled to get a glimpse of how the design was evolving 
and to make adjustments.

More proofing and cutting.

Then printing!

Inking the brayer.

The big reveal! Love this! 

And next, fun with color! Trying a  blend.


And the result!

Nice mid-century drying rack!!

From there we tackled a brief encounter with screen printing.

A great week with good creative flow. 
Perhaps too ambitious for five days.
I mean, really!! 
Five days in any one of these printing techniques
would still leave much more to learn.

But these gals were the perfect candidates.
They took it all in stride, met every challenge
and came up with amazing results!

Kudos to you both!
And thank you for a most excellent week!

If you are interested in your own printmaking experience please contact me at Ginny Piech Street.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Evolution Of An Idea


Standing and waiting.

All eyes above!

Pacing with anticipation.

A fallen comrade.

The glue pots.
Best epoxy ever!

Pretty in paint.


Swing it!

All sing.

And home at last . . .

Down the garden path.

(Maybe a little too much time in the studio.)