Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Martha Pulls A Print

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of teaching
a 2 day course in basic screen printing.

The best thing about this class was my student, Martha.
Artist, teacher, former screen printing company owner.

Martha, why am I teaching YOU? I asked.
Turns out she wanted to see its viability in the classroom.
But I think she was mostly just having a lot of fun.
And so was I.

We covered the cut stencil, painting directly on the screen
and photo emulsion methods of screen prep.
(Martha works quickly.)

Martha also brought in an old beautiful screen
which already had an image from the former company.

We printed on paper and fabric. 
Nary a wrong pull. 

Unfortunately I took no pictures until the end.
So, all these cool things I just talked about are not documented.
I did, however, catch the end, which I share below.

Martha positioning paper under the screen.

Getting ready to pull the print.


Pulling the print.

Checking it out.

And there you go!

Thanks Martha! A most excellent time!

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