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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Art is not for sissies!

A grueling day today!

I moved out of Studio 8 this week.
That means that I had to find space in Fish Head Press
for all that stuff!

Art Walk is tomorrow!

Too much to do, it seemed. 
But it's amazing what one can do with
the eye on the ball and the nose to the grindstone.


Would you like a tour?

Here I go, filling the back hall with the stuff.

(Notice the popcorn machine in the background.
There will be popcorn at Art Walk!!)

A pile-up on the drawing table.
On a tip from my friend Skip,
I opened up the wall to reveal window access.
A simple thing, but amazing how it
makes things well, not really larger, but
lets say different. In a good way.

Ugh, the plywood. No time to paint before Art Walk.
Instead of pinched for time we'll call that eccentric.

Hanging the purple wall.
Some things never change.

Notice my finished sign?

Ok. Time to take a break from THAT.

Off to screen print the shirts for tomorrow.

Art is not for sissies! 
It really isn't!!

10 dallar.
Get em while they last!
White for the ladies & ash for the guys.

And the blade drop.

Ok. Now we're cooking. Finished wall.

Inside, Lee Whitridge's work hangs and looks beautiful, 
really dressing up the wall. 


The finished (a relative term) studio.
Fish Head Press

Well, a few pieces of pvc pipe
and a chunk of plywood to put away.

A few details.

And last, a note on how everything in Fish Head Press is made.

So, come to Art Walk this Wednesday.
(7-9-14 from 5 to 8pm)

Fish Head Press is located in The Studios Back Under (in The Underground)
at the Orange Avenue Studios in Downtown Fort Pierce.

While you're there check out the Emerging Artist exhibit,
opening in Art Mundo's Underground Gallery.

Whoops, I've slipped into Wednesday.  See you later today!

1 comment:

Marcella said...

Yahoo! Looks so inviting! Hope you have a fabulous Art Walk. Wish I could be there!