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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oil Painting With Cold Wax

This weekend I was lucky enough to be included in
a cold wax oil painting class taught by Leslie Stokes,
an accomplished painter who maintains a space at

Class participants hard at work.

Allie Comer and Lee Whitridge work on their paintings.
The process begs abstract!  It can be freeing or challenging,
depending on how attached one is to image and subject matter.

Sherry Horton works on multiple paintings to keep the creative flow going.
Holly Theuns (background) assesses her progress.

My end results.  One landscape on the far right.
The others?  Well . . . it was challenging and exhausting
for me to push beyond my imagery to the abstract.

I found the medium to be exquisite for surface richness.
I thoroughly enjoyed the medium and the process.  As an artist,
I believe wholeheartedly in the process.  This workshop pushed
the process to the max.  It was good.

I'm still working on the abstract element!

Thank you Leslie!

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