Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fish Head Press

I've finished for the most part my new printmaking studio at Art Mundo.  

A tiny closet under the stairs, way in the back of The Underground near the back door.

The location includes 5 other studios, big and small.
We call the space "The Studios Back Under".
It's a new space with good energy.  Grand opening on the December 11 Art Walk.

Fish Head Press
Now Open For Business


John Kurth said...

Hey Ginny! I just saw this on Facebook. I think there's some synchronicity at work here. I've been writing and illustrating a blog for a while now and am looking to develop some products from it. I'm getting help with a book, learning about e-books and stuff like that.

I want to do some products with the Doug image but I'm not happy with Cafepress or others like them. I remember you used to work at a t-shirt company...

Would you share some advice about getting a design or two on shirts to offer to my blog followers? I hope to eventually use my blog to promote various (not created yet) product lines...

I miss the old days at Shadetree...

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

LOVE your spot under the stairs!

Ginny Piech Street said...

Sure John. Those were fun days. Email me through my website & we'll talk about tees.
I look forward to the visit. Ginny