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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Bronze

Two last photos of the bronze casting series.

This photo is out of context.
This is actually the first part of the process.  
These forms are wax images of the original prototype sculpture.
They have been dipped several times in the slurry.
The yellow forms will become white after the wax
has been melted out and they have been baked.
The flared base is actually the cup into which the bronze is poured.

The forms in front are over sized roses for
a sculpture that Pat is currently creating.
These will be in the next pour.
Because of  the strange green-glowing flowers and organic shapes,
the wax room looks like some alien greenhouse "en Provence"!

This is a finished bronze from the pour in the last post.
The head shape can be seen in several of the photos in that post.
This bust was cast in 3 pieces, then welded back together and fine tuned.
The patina (surface color) is added.
The sculpture is waxed and ready to go.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

That first photo is land of the pod-people! And really...I never would have guessed that the last post was about a sedate elderly man-bust!!

Julie Lounibos said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. I've intended to stop by and see this great project(and still will if the busy artists allow a short visit!)